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Maths and English Tuition at Kip McGrath

If you are looking for tuition in maths or English for your child, Kip McGrath's fully qualified teachers are well placed to advise you. We offer tutoring to both primary and secondary school aged students in multiple areas of their school studies, including preparation for their SATs and GCSE tests.

On your first visit your child will be given a free educational assessment.  This is the start of the journey. From this assessment we can target specific areas of weakness and create an individual learning programme for your child. 

Unfortunately this Kip McGrath centre is no longer operating, but here are your nearest local centres:

Kip McGrath Bury

Alternatively if you are unable to travel to your nearest centre why not try our interactive Online Tuition?


Contact Details

Centre Owners Shazia Tahir
Address , , England
Phone 01452 382282
Email ukandirelandheadoffice@kip-mcgrath.co.uk

Bury Centre

Centre Owner

Shazia Tahir


, , England


01452 382282

Email Bury

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