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Southend tutors

Tuition in Southend – Spotlight on Kip McGrath Southend Education Centres

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Kip McGrath Southend Tutors – Who Are We?

I am Nicole O’Shea and I own two Kip McGrath Education Centres in Southend. The Southend East Tuition Centre is located at 217-219 Hamstel Rd, Southend-on-Sea SS2 4LB and my colleague, Jacky Kadur, manages the Southend West Tuition Centre which is located at 333 London Rd, Hadleigh, Essex SS7 2BT.

I am a qualified teacher, as are all my tutors at Kip McGrath Southend, giving parents peace of mind that your children will be taught by a suitably qualified, experienced and security checked tutor.

I have been part of Kip McGrath for 9 years and both centres have continued to grow as our reputation has spread. We now tutor over 300 students per week and were delighted to receive a platinum award at the recent Kip McGrath conference following our success.


Nicole with Kip McGrath himself!

A portion of these children are part of the Alternative Education Programme (secondary) from local schools. These students have been placed with us to study for their G.C.S.E’s in English, English Literature, Maths, Science, Geography and Psychology and are with us every day. Additionally, we support local primary schools with their pupil premium programme for Maths.

In the evening we operate as a regular Kip McGrath Centre offering tutoring for students aged between 4-16 years. We have also recently started face to face Online tutoring for students who are unable to attend the centre in person. Our most recent venture starting this summer is to work alongside our Virtual Head for Southend on Sea Borough Council. In addition, throughout the year we provide English and Maths workshops, Summer Schools and Mock 11+ Selection Tests… which are very popular in this part of the country as we still have Grammar Schools.

Kip McGrath Southend Gives Back

It’s not just all about taking, we like to give as well. At Kip McGrath Southend West we hold an annual Timed Table Competition, where Year 6 students from Hadleigh Junior School compete to see how many correct tables they can answer in one minute. As a prize each child is presented with a medal and the top two scores with a trophy each. We also donate prizes for their Summer Fair and sponsor one of their awards for perseverance. In both centres, students receive medals for achievement every term; bronze medal for 500-999 kip points, a silver for 1000-1999 kip points and a much revered gold medal for 2000+ kip points.

Overall here in Southend Kip McGrath is becoming the only brand for supplementary education as students can only benefit when they are taught by fully-qualified teachers using professional materials.

“Thank you for helping Leslie reach his full potential.  The staff at KMEC Southend East put the smiles back on children’s faces! With your help you have put the excitement back into their education.  With your help you didn’t just boost their education, you changed their lives.  Thank you all.”  Mrs A.

Contact Us

If you would like to book a FREE educational assessment or ask us a question, please contact Nicole on 01702 615838 or email or

You can also connect with Kip McGrath Southend on Facebook here.


Spotlight on Derby South Kip McGrath Centre

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With over 200 Kip McGrath Education Centres in the UK, offering maths and English tuition to local students, we like to highlight some of our individual centres from time to time and this week we’ll highlight our Kip McGrath centre in Derby South.

Sue and Dave Priestley opened the Kip McGrath Derby South centre in 2011 and have built up an excellent local reputation with students and parents alike.  In 2014 at the UK national conference they received a certificate from Storm McGrath, Chief Executive Officer congratulating them on tutoring over 100 students per week. Read More