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10 Educational Christmas toys

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We all know that Christmas is the time of giving and some toys give more than others. The gifts mentioned below have educational and problem solving benefits that to encourage your child’s learning whilst having fun with their new toys.

A child’s problem solving skills are put to the test when it comes to puzzles. You will see improvements in their fine motor development, hand and eye coordination and self esteem with every successful completion.

Stimulate your child’s imagination and increase their knowledge with books. It is well documented children who are read to everyday experience benefits to their vocabulary, focus, memory, concentration and literacy.

Card games (eg Snap)
Card games help children develop fine motor skills, increased social interaction and challenge children with increasingly complex strategies and levels of difficulty.

Board games (eg Snakes and Ladders)
Socially and mathematically board games are a winner. With number and shape recognition, grouping, and counting, letter recognition and reading as well as teaching patience, managing frustration and fair play.

Wooden blocks
We’ve all had them and with good reason. Timeless and indestructible (almost) wooden blocks encourage creativity and imagination , promote hand eye coordination and will grow with your child.

Science kits
Learning by experiment is essential for children and Science kits provide hands-on entertainment. Science kits can explain, in ways that kids will understand, a lot of the technology, gadgets and machinery that exists in modern life.

Construction set (eg Lego)
Aside from being ridiculously fun, Lego and more generally construction toys have additional development benefits for your child from problem solving to teaching kids to think three dimensionally and boosting motor development.

Painting set
From stress relief to fun and self esteem children who learn to paint are learning to think with an open mind . The benefits extend to self expression and critical thinking and making their own decisions about what to paint and what colours to use.

Lacing beads
There are many benefits to lacing beads including Fine Motor Skills , Visual Perceptual Skills and Cognitive Skills.

Magnetic letters and numbers
From the sensory stimulation, to sorting , word construction and teaching the alphabet (not to mention amused kids while you are cooking in the kitchen) Magnetic letters are a great stocking filler that will entertain and educate