Improving Literacy and Numeracy Skills in South Africa

Learner Enrichment Centres in South Africa

By June 24, 2015Education

Kip McGrath Learner Enrichment Centres South AfricaKip McGrath – Improving Literacy and Numeracy in South Africa

Kip McGrath Education Centres are delighted to share our video highlighting the difference that the Kip McGrath Learner Enrichment Centres are making to the education of local children in the Gauteng Province in South Africa. There are currently 73 Kip McGrath Education Centres and 10 Learner Enrichment Centres operating in South Africa.

We are very proud of this new initiative of working in partnership with the full service schools. Our aim is to improve literacy and numeracy in the hope of helping to break the poverty cycle, improve the lives of the students to give them life choices and employment opportunities in the future!

The Learner Enrichment Centres have been enthusiastically received by both Teachers and Students. It is amazing to see the positive influence that we have made resulting in previously long-term academic barriers to be broken down, as well as significantly improved relationship outcomes between the Teacher and Student.

Kip McGrath has provided training and resources to the Teachers. They now have the ability to provide each and every student with an individual learning programme to suit the learning style of the student. This builds the learner’s self-esteem and confidence so that every student has the potential to succeed with Kip McGrath in partnership with the Learner Enrichment Centres.

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