Kip McGrath specialises in Maths tuition for all primary and secondary levels.
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Kip McGrath Maths Tuition Programmes


Tutoring for age 5-17

KMEC provides tuition for students in mathematics between the ages of 5-17; from pre-school up to A Level or Highers. Many centres also offer tuition in GCSE or National 5 Maths and cater for 11+ and SATs.

Students are taught to understand each new concept. The computer programs, text books, individual teaching and homework are used for practising each newly introduced topic.

The curriculum covers all the concepts that students between age 6 and high school graduation are expected to learn in school. The programme is carefully designed so that each student works on their independent learning plan developed after the initial assessment. A student can start anywhere within the KMEC programme at exactly the level suited to his/her current ability and knowledge.

Master the basics

Master the basics: understand new concepts or extension maths

The Kip McGrath accelerated Maths Tutoring programme is the answer for your child’s maths difficulties. A thorough understanding of basic maths is required before students can progress, so it’s important that the source of any difficulty is identified and addressed early.

Our centres have helped thousands of children who were struggling with maths to acquire the skills they needed to succeed in school and life. Our accelerated maths learning programme targets all grades and streams. Yes, maths can be fun!

Whether your child needs:

  • Help with maths basics
  • Maths homework help
  • Tutoring for more advanced maths problems
  • Help understanding new concepts introduced in years 8, 9 and 10
  • Senior students needing for Advanced or Extension Maths tutoring

Kip Maths Expert

Maths CAN be more!

Are you the kind of student who…

  • Wants to be challenged in Maths
  • Finds math boring because it’s too easy and you already know the basics
  • Needs high achievement in Maths for entry into maths intensive university courses
  • Is good at maths and wants to do even better
  • Would much rather learn maths on the computer than from a boring old textbook

If so, the Kip Maths Expert Program may be the solution for you.

This programme, while tutor-aided, allows students to progress at their own pace. You can move quickly through activities to more complex and advanced problems to improve your skills and continually keep challenged.

The fully computer-based learning program includes fantastic features such as:

  • Hints, tips and topic introductions on maths at all levels
  • Fully worked solutions for senior maths solutions
  • A high function graphics calculator
  • The ability to customise activities and monitor your own achievements

Use the Centre Locator to find your nearest centre and learn more about this advanced maths tutoring programme.

**Available at participating centres only.

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Owning and running my own Kip McGrath Education Centre has given me control of my life. I can teach without the hassle of endless paperwork and I know that I

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