Can’t find a Kip McGrath centre near you?

If you can’t find a Kip McGrath centre nearby, we can still help your child with their English and maths tuition online from the comfort and convenience of your home.
Your child can connect with their KipOnline tutor live via webcam.

What is KipOnline™?

Connect your child with their Kip tutor from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Lessons are face-to-face with a live tutor – online and in real time via webcam. Your child will experience the same teaching excellence and success of our in centre-based tutoring.

Qualified, accredited and ethical tutors.

All Kip McGrath and KipOnline™ tutors are fully qualified and experienced teachers. As members of the Global Professional Tutors Association (GPTA), all Kip McGrath and KipOnline™ tutors abide by the GPTA Code of Conduct and uphold the high standards of the affiliation.

Student with headphones

Convenience & Access

No travel time and no more frantic drop offs and pick ups after school. Perfect for families in regional and remote areas, or those working internationally.

Safety & Security

All KipOnline™ tutors are qualified teachers with security screenings and Working with Children Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) checks, as well as being members of the Global Professional Tutors Association Limited.

Increased productivity

Students are free from distractions and complete more tasks when in their own home, resulting in increased productivity, engagement and motivation.

Interactive Tutoring

Anywhere and in real time with a live tutor. A programme that brings the benefits of
Kip McGrath tuition to your home via your PC screen.

Educationally Sound

KipOnline™ combines our traditional successful teaching models, with the latest technology and convenience. Our resources are in line with the National Curriculum.

Student Anonymity

Students can access additional help without embarrassment associated with falling behind or having difficulty in keeping up with their school classmates.

KipOnline™ Tutoring: See it in action

For more information visit KipOnline™ UK  or call 033300 65 885.

You’ll find all the same teaching excellence and methodologies you’d find in a Kip McGrath centre – with the only difference being that you will connect to your tutor from home via webcam.