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Spotlight on Derby South Kip McGrath Centre

With over 200 Kip McGrath Education Centres in the UK, offering maths and English tuition to local students, we like to highlight some of our individual centres from time to time and this week we’ll highlight our Kip McGrath centre in Derby South.

Sue and Dave Priestley opened the Kip McGrath Derby South centre in 2011 and have built up an excellent local reputation with students and parents alike.  In 2014 at the UK national conference they received a certificate from Storm McGrath, Chief Executive Officer congratulating them on tutoring over 100 students per week.


What Sue and Dave Priestley Have to Say

Dave and Sue from Kip McGrath Derby South receiving their certificate.Our desire is to help build the very brightest future for your child aged 5 to 16 in their English and Maths academic studies. In fact, everything we do works toward this goal. Academic success will open up greater opportunities for them as they develop. We provide a professional quality service using only qualified teachers, including enhanced DBS checks. We treat every child as an individual and provide a positive learning environment that’s structured and challenging, but also both fun and stimulating for all abilities. We place great emphasis on success and achievement in all our students, rewarding and creating the motivation and desire to learn. We strive to create an environment where both children and parents are happy and confident to return to and also provide a high quality of personal care and service that will set us apart.

Sue is a fully qualified teacher of 30 years’ experience. She has a B.Ed (Hons) Degree from the University of Warwick and a Professional Counselling Qualification.  The opportunity to become involved with Kip McGrath was too great to be missed and Sue is now relishing the challenge of influencing for the better the lives of the children living in our region.

Dave holds a Masters’ Degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering, also from the University of Warwick.  His recent positions have been at managerial level in manufacturing companies, allowing him to handle the Centre administration, allowing Sue to devote her time to the professional tutoring of the pupils.

Andy and Jane Townsend’s view (East Midlands’ Area Developers)

“It is just over 3 and a half years since Kip McGrath Derby South opened. The centre has an outstanding reputation within the city of Derby and has made a positive impact on the lives of many children and their families.  The centre has grown significantly in the past year with over 120 weekly lessons being taught on a regular basis.”


What our Parents and Students Say about Kip McGrath Derby South

“I initially sent my daughter to Kip McGrath as she was waiting for a school place. A friend recommended them to me so I thought I would give it a go. My daughter is now in full time education and still attending Kip. She’s only been coming for a few months and I can already see the difference. Everyone at Kip is fantastic, I have every faith that she is going to do really well.”

“She has fallen behind at school and due to large class (35 pupils) this has been overlooked for over 9 months. In Yr3 in September she was ok; then at the parents evening in April of Yr3 she was not even at the same level as the previous September. Kip has benefited her by working in smaller groups and using more personalised learning planning. The teachers also boost the child’s confidence and they start to enjoy learning.”

“He needed to improve his English Comprehension, Grammar and Spelling. At School he was forecast for a D – C at GCSE. He is now predicted a B – A. His confidence and ability in ALL lessons has improved as most need good literacy skills. This has been due to the staff at Kip McGrath and all their support. They are brilliant and very supportive with him.”

“He has found school very difficult and this in turn has had an effect on confidence in his work. Over the last 12 months he has enjoyed the structure that Kip has brought and has managed to be moved up from the bottom group in numeracy; this is a huge achievement for all of us and it has given him great confidence. He enjoys Kip and the structure of the learning.”

“My 3 children have been attending the Kip McGrath Centre Derby South for the last year. I cannot speak more highly of the added value that Dave and Sue have brought to my childrens’ academic progress. They do a great job at creating a very open and friendly atmosphere which I feel is conducive to a great learning environment. My children have always looked forward to their time spent in the Centre. The kids have achieved excellent results this year and that is in no small part down to the efforts of all those at Kip McGrath Derby South.”


Contact Us

To contact Sue and Dave, call 01332 381127 or visit for more information.

Alternatively, you can find your nearest Kip McGrath centre here.


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