I would like to say thanks to Sandra at Kip McGrath for all the help she has given my son over the past 12 months with maths. My son never really struggled with maths however we felt the tutoring would give him more confidence and improve on his average marks. Last year he was placed in the average maths class in year 6 and we are pleased to say this year he has been moved up into the top level maths class for year 7. He was so excited about being in the top class, it has given him a huge boost of confidence and he is now eager to do even better. Thanks to everybody at Kip Cleveland!

Mrs Denham, Parent Year 7 Student

Boy with teacher

Before my child started with Kip McGrath he was lacking confidence & was 6 months behind in school work. Since going to Kip McGrath he has had a big boost in his confidence & has caught up with his school work.

Parent (Kip McGrath)

We were keen to use after school tuition, but were wary about the qualifications of potential tutors as our son has potential ADD. The service provided at Kip McGrath, Eastleigh is excellent, excellent, and excellent!  We like the way the staff are confident in what they believe in without knowing the child’s medical and educational background. Our son is calmer at school and home knowing that there is someone to help him. He has the ability to complete tasks now that he had no understanding of prior to Kip McGrath.

Clive and Louise, Parents (Kip McGrath Eastleigh)

Girl with monitor in the background.

Kip McGrath has enabled my children’s’ confidence to grow in an area they have struggled with for years. My daughter’s enthusiasm and positive nature has ensured that sessions are fun and packed with praise. They in turn are keen to learn and enjoy a subject which previously caused fear. Kip McGrath has been the best learning experience we have encountered.

Mrs Harris, Parent (Kip McGrath North West)

My daughter Emma had several maths lessons with Helen to prepare her for her SATS as she lacked confidence in this subject. After a bit of a reluctant start Emma really began to enjoy her sessions and was keen to go more regularly. Helen helped her with techniques she would never have learned at school and she went into her SATS with very little stress. Whatever Helen did worked wonders as my little girl felt really good about her capabilities for the first time ever. The proof of this success came last week when I was delighted to receive a phone call from her maths teacher informing me that Emma had made such excellent progress that she was moving her to the 2nd top maths set! I can’t thank Helen enough for all that she has done!

My son, who is only 6 years old is already asking when he can start to go – so I’m sure we will be back!

Mrs H Jeavans, Parent (Chapel Park - Newcastle Upon Tyne)

I started my six year old son at Kip McGrath Worcester eight months ago, he was struggling at school and his confidence was rock bottom, he also like most boys is a bit distracted and fiddles with things, Sarah and the team have given him so much confidence … there is such a “family” feel to the centre. He skips in and genuinely loves going, and his progress is amazing, I am so relieved and thankful we sent him there and fully intend to take him through to GCSE stage.

Helen L, Parent (Worcester North)

THANK YOU – Dear Mr & Mrs Meyer, I will be starting my medicine degree in September at UCL, and I don’t think it would be right for me not to share the news with you, as the journey started during my period at Kip McGrath in preparation for my 11+ 8 years ago. Thank you so much for your support! I’m really grateful 🙂 Lots of love.

Paula. Student (Brentwood)

I would just like to thank Andrea for the much needed help and support she provided my son Jack through the Kip McGrath Centre. Jack struggled with his Maths and English from year 5/6 but with the extra support and years of perseverance with weekly extra tuition, Jack is now nearly 20 and heading into his 2nd year at Birmingham University doing Sound Engineering. Thank you so much Andrea, I can’t believe it’s nearly 10 years as Jack was your first pupil too.

Parent (Kip McGrath Leigh)

Kegan’s confidence in her abilities has increased since attending Kip McGrath in Salisbury. This has been noticed by us parents and her teachers at school. Kegan is always eager to go to Kip as she feels comfortable with the tutors and safe in the environment. Her brother can’t wait for his turn at 11+ coaching!

Parent (Kip McGrath Salisbury)

I would like to express my appreciation for giving my daughter the confidence and self esteem she deserves to have. This was never just about Jessica learning maths, it was about overcoming the obstacle in Jessica’s head that she couldn’t. After only a few sessions she commented “Grandma I actually really like maths now”. The relaxed, happy, club atmosphere is great, with no complaints regarding attending even in the holidays, so much so her sister is desperate to join. Thanks for your hard work.

Pamela, Parent (Kip McGrath Dunfermline)