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Are you considering additional private tuition in Maths or English for your son or daughter? Kip McGrath’s qualified teachers offer a free assessment that forms the basis of a tailored learning programme just for them. We use proven tuition methods, combined with regular progress updates, to ensure your child’s success.

Founded in 1976, Kip McGrath has been helping primary and secondary school age children all over the world to improve or extend their learning. With over 500 centres globally, we know what works. Find a centre near you today.

Our Focus

bullet-1Expertise in English & Maths
bullet-2Pre-School, Primary & Secondary
bullet-3Free Assessment
bullet-4Qualified Teachers
bullet-5Proven Method of Tuition
bullet-6Over 220 Centres in UK & ROI
bullet-7Individual Learning Programmes
bullet-8Exam Preparation

What others say…

Kip McGrath has enabled my children’s’ confidence to grow in an area they have struggled with for years. My daughter’s enthusiasm and positive nature has ensured that sessions are fun and packed with praise. They in turn are keen to learn and enjoy a subject which previously caused fear. Kip McGrath has been the best

Parent (Kip McGrath North West)

Maths & English Tuition

At Kip McGrath, our focus is to help your son or daughter reach their full potential
by making learning fun and engaging.

We also thrive on improved results. You will receive progress reports
and updates to track their improvement.

We cater for each student:

  • Free educational assessment
  • An individual, structured learning programme
  • 80 minute tutoring sessions
  • Qualified tutors
  • Primary and secondary National Curriculum compatible material
  • English and Maths secondary exam specialists

Education is the gift that keeps on giving. Give your child a brighter future today.

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Learning Programmes

Kip McGrath has created tutoring programmes to suit your child from pre-school through to senior school study skills. Our resources and material are National Curriculum compatible.

Book a FREE Assessment

The Kip Assessment is designed to test your child’s Maths and English skills so that an appropriate programme can be customised to suit their needs. Make a plan to help them succeed today.

Parent Zone

Here you’ll find some helpful educational resources. We have put together some interesting articles for parents with primary and secondary school age students.

Franchise Opportunities

Are you a qualified teacher who would like the opportunity to own your own business? Find out more about Kip McGrath’s business pathway to success.

Kip McGrath Favicon Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my child need tutoring?

All children progress at a different rate. It can be difficult to determine the exact amount of time your child will need tutoring. You can discuss this in more detail with your Kip McGrath tutor. We have some basic benchmarks that we use to give estimation. The best method is consistent and quality tuition.

How do I know they are progressing? Should we reassess them regularly?

The Kip McGrath study programme is progressive. Your child will be starting at a foundational level and will work their way up to the goal set. Each week their lesson plan contains new activities that build on the knowledge they learnt in the previous week. We reassess students towards the end of the year OR when a child has potentially reached their goal.

Will my child progress in a small group?

Kip McGrath was built on one to one tuition in a small group environment. We at Kip McGrath have used this foundation to deliver our lessons. We spend one on one time with each student and then allocate independent tasks. This gives the student time to apply their new knowledge to the task set. The Kip McGrath tutor will monitor the student at all times; they can see exactly what the student is completing and assist the student immediately.

How much homework will my child receive?

Homework is an important part of the programme. It gives the child the opportunity to consolidate and practice what they have learnt during their lesson. The student should never receive homework on topics they have not covered with their tutor or tasks that are too difficult.



Reading, Writing, Spelling & Comprehension

GCSE & Study Skills

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the literacy level

expected of

an eleven year old

Source: Jama Deeqa and Dugdale George. “Literacy: State of the Nation, A picture of literacy in the UK today”. National Literacy Trust, National Literacy Trust, March 30, 2010, April 16, 2015 <http://literacytrust.org.uk>

7% of students

over 16 years of age

returned a

c grade

in gcse

maths in 2013

Source: TBA

for literacy

& numeracy

the uk is ranked in the

bottom three

in the world

Source: OECD 2014 Study